FEARLESS FRIDAY: Meet writer and entrepreneur Pauleanna Reid

Becoming friends with Pauleanna was only natural after we worked together on her glamour portraits several weeks ago. She has a big place in her heart for helping women and has an incredible story that I am so excited to share today. She’s been spreading her message of encouragement and leading others by setting an incredible example for quite some time now. Her ability to face fear and setbacks in her career has been one of her strongest characteristics giving her the ability to be an inspiration to many – myself included. I am particularly excited because Pauleanna’s new book, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, which is set to release in the Spring! She is a great Canadian author that is sharing her thoughts on fear and some of her inspirations today. Read more about this FEARLESS woman and be inspired!


Tell us about what you do?

 I am an author, nationally published journalist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. My mission and vision is to help women gain the confidence to dream bigger dreams and see beyond the limits of their circumstances. 

How did you get started doing it – what inspired you?

While my peers aspired to become police officers, lawyers and doctors, I had a deep desire to become a professional writer. Writing has always played an integral role in my personal development because I was bullied when I was a child and I found escape through my diary. I used written expression to help get me through some of the toughest times in my life.


Due to the fact that writing brought me so much peace and joy, I knew that I wanted to writer for a living.

However, my grades didn’t showcase this desire. I wasn’t exactly a straight A student. Summer school was my 2nd home and throughout my high school and college years I was extremely depressed. On top of that, while I was going through my own personal struggles, I also had the voices of teachers, peers and my parents telling me that I should be more practical and select a different career. That is when I turned my frustration into motivation.


I’ve always believed that if you want to do something badly enough you will teach yourself and that’s exactly what I did. I continued writing, reading and building relationships which ultimately helped me achieve incredible career milestones. Today, I am a nationally published journalist who has interviewed celebrities from across the world including: Olivia Newton-John, Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife, Brent Butt, Rick Mercer, Tonya Lee Williams, Jillian Michaels and more. Life is truly at its best and I am happy that I pushed through the roadblocks.


What are some ways you overcome adversity or fear?

Some ways that I overcome fear is simply by maintaining the belief that everything I want is on the other side of it. It’s very true! Your hopes and dreams will not be achieved if you stand where right where you are. You have to continue moving forward. I try to build confidence by doing at least one thing a day that scares me. Over the years I have grown accustom to taking risks. The biggest risk by far occurred on the day I dropped out of college to pursue my dream career. I had no plan, only a #2 pencil and a dream. If I had settled, then I wouldn’t be living a life I truly love today. Amazing things happen once you step outside your comfort zone. My story is proof of that.


Any advice for others that want to follow on a similar path?

There’s nothing more badass than being who you are. You do not have to settle. You do not have to live the lifestyle that others want for you. Just relax. Just breathe. Ask yourself, right now, this very moment, what do I want the most? Whatever the answer is, give yourself permission to do it.

Name your 3 key sources of inspiration and how they help you create or stay positive.

3 sources of inspiration would include: books of all kinds, friends & family and God. It is imperative that I surround myself with creativity and inspiration in order to keep me motivated on the days I just want to throw in the towel. 

Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your inspirational story with us Pauleanna!

Keep in touch with this lovely woman and download a preview of her new book, Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother, via her website at www.pauleannareid.com

Makeup and hair by Samora Smallwood.

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