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Take Frameworthy Vacation Photos


While many of you head to different destinations  during these cold winter months, I wanted to share a little tip for taking frameworthy photos while on vacation. I was flipping through some vacation photos from my trip to Trinidad last year. They remind me of the awesome time I had with family, at the beach, and eating delicious food.

The photos I love most, all have something in common – they focus on the details.

The kite stuck in a palm tree, the speed boat we took across to a neighboring island, the mountains that surround the beach, the mangoes we ate and the flowered tree that caught my eye are all memories that focus on one thing. The other photos pale in comparison.

By picking one detail, the photo becomes a piece of art and not only just a photo. By focusing on a small or even a large detail, your imagination is able to shape the the rest of the story. Plus they make beautiful wall art!

Staring at these photos long enough can take you to another place in your mind. Nothing wrong with heading to Trinidad in mind when it’s freezing cold outside!

I love pretty details and the story they can tell.







Quote of the day:

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

– John Wooden

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