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Enjoying the journey

I believe that after every struggle is a triumph. Even the ones that seem insurmountable. I’m sharing this note because, I just experienced an incredible struggle and then an unbelievable triumph. Part of that triumph took place while shooting in St. Maarten this past weekend. I looked around me and saw beauty in every single direction. I remember feeling lonely quite recently, but it’s incredible what staying the course and never giving up can do. As much as we may want to give in to our struggles and quit the battles, I am living proof that staying the course and never giving up can mean a world of difference. I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for quite some time now all while studying in law school, and I’m slowly learning to enjoy every piece of the journey.

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This note is a reminder to be brave and be strong. Live in the moment and appreciate every moment in life because without experiencing the lows we would never really know how high we can go. I’m way up and so filled with gratitude to my amazing clients that make it all worth it.



Photo by: Carolyn Roberts

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