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Day After Session in St. Maarten | Alana and Hashim (Part II)

st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-001Here’s a day after session, that I won’t forget. Simply because of how beautiful St. Maarten is and because I just love Alana and Hashim. Most day after sessions take place because schedules get tight or because they just want another excuse to wear their beautiful dress and tux again. In this case, Alana and Hashim wanted photos of them around the island. The place where they were married the day before. Instead of wearing their all-white wedding attire again, these two dressed more casually so that we could drive around the island at sunrise and hop out easily for fun and laid back photos. I love how they turned out. I also loved exploring Philipsburg and then grabbing lunch at Chesterfields with them before catching my flight home. These memories make up part ii of their love story in St. Maarten, be sure to check out part i here!st-maarten-wedding-photographers-13st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-14st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-09st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-005st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-012st-maarten-wedding-photographers-11sint-maarten-wedding-photographers-0013st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-0716st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-004st-martin-wedding-photogaphers-12st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-073st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-0022st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-0715st-maarten-wedding-photographers-18caribbean-destination-wedding-photographerst-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-120st-maarten-wedding-photographers-0062st-maarten-wedding-photogaphers-05sint-maarten-wedding-photographers-015sint-maarten-wedding-photographers-012st-martin-wedding-photographer-0004sint-maarten-wedding-photographers-014st-maarten-wedding-photography-008st-maarten-wedding-photography-003

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