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Our Anniversary Session

rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-017Love and marriage is amazingly wonderful. It’s also super hard and no amount of photo shoots can make it any easier. BUT I’m happy to have a pleasant reminder of our journey thus far with this anniversary session. I always loved the idea of couples taking advantage of celebrating their anniversary with a memorable photo shoot. Andre and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary almost 2 months ago in January and took the opportunity while he was in Toronto to shoot some portraits to commemorate the occasion. Andre lives and works in the US and I live and work mainly in Toronto. We travel approximately 4000 miles back and forth each month to be together so that we don’t have to go too long without seeing each other. I’m not sharing this for sympathy or sad emojis because our time apart is temporary and the truth is I’m quite happy with what God has blessed us with. I have never known love like this and I believe I’m truly blessed. I’m sharing this because these recent photos are quite special to me. They are as special to me as our wedding photos. Although the wedding day is a happy day, it is only the beginning. There will be so many more highlights in a married couple’s life together. There will also be many hardships and obstacles. Speaking from experience, the years will bring memories that will surpass the feeling of joy and love felt on your wedding day. Nowadays, Andre and I seem to laugh a little harder and make the effort to go the extra mile a lot more for each other too (no pun intended! ha). I can truly say that I have gained even more respect and have fallen deeper in love with Andre over the years. He has shown me his strength, his loyalty, and his patience in ways that I could never imagine was possible since we said, “I do”. I’m so glad that we have these photos to remember where we’re at – right now. I’m immensely grateful to have another year together, but I’m especially thankful for each and every day that we make the choice to love each other. rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-001rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-022rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-002rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-003rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-004rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-005rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-020rom-wedding-photographer-09rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-01rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-011rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-006rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-008rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-016rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-014rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-010rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-015rom-wedding-photographer-019rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-021rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-012rom-toronto-wedding-photographer-013Special thanks to Michael Rousseau for the amazing photos, Daneille Mattis for my flawless makeup, and Melissa at Arteeza Flowers for my stunning bouquet!

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