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2016 Harry Jerome Awards Recap

Last night I walked across the stage and received the Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award at the 34th annual gala! Harry Jerome was a Canadian hero and his legacy of excellence lives on through this incredible event each year.

The glamorous occasion was held by the Black Business and Professional Association at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The guest list included some of Canada’s most influential people and it’s simply unbelievable that I was surrounded by so much greatness.Harry-Jerome-Awards_0001


It feels great to be recognized, and as I mentioned in my recent video about success, winning an award wasn’t necessarily a goal of mine. I just wanted to be the best that I could be while pursuing the things I loved. Choosing my passion for photography is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I am blessed to have found my passion and I hope to inspire others to pursue every endeavor with the goal of being excellent at it.

This honor is a blessing that I can only attribute to my unwavering support system. I have a tremendously supportive family. They go above and beyond for me on a daily basis so that I can focus and succeed doing the things I love. I also have friends that cheer me on like no other from near and far! They are the best and my inspiration on my journey over the years. I had a table full of my friends and family at the Harry Jerome Awards. There was no greater feeling than knowing that there were so many people in my corner.

harry-jerome-awardsMy nomination was graciously submitted by my dear friend, Laura. At the time, I was just touched that she would think to nominate me for a Harry Jerome Award. Sometimes friends see things within us that we don’t even realize are there.

Since I’m usually behind the camera, I had a lot of fun getting in front of them last night. My first interview appeared live on CP24 and I had so many kind messages from those who were able to catch the short segment! I’m so thankful to be able to share my story with others. Thanks to Cassandra of Bella Silloweth Beauty  who did a fabulous job on my makeup!

When they called my name to receive my award, it felt like it was happening in slow motion. I watched the clip and I realized it was less than 10 seconds of my life that flashed by. But that fleeting moment is forever etched in my memory. I’m very grateful to Moses and Patricia from Afroglobal TV for sponsoring my award and for presenting it to me. I can only say that this is just the motivation I needed to keep going in the direction of my dreams. Brian Henry did an amazing job making my acceptance speech video. Catch everything I had to say by watching it here.harry-jerome-awards-002

I share this award with the love of my life, Andre, who jumped on a plane to celebrate with me! He is always there for me, especially in the not so glam moments, to love and support me. Many thanks to my mom for all her encouragement. I know that I can walk with my head held high because of her wise words. And finally, I am forever grateful to all of my clients who have chosen me to capture their memories. Each and every one allows me into their private lives to help tell their beautiful life stories. I am honored to be your photographer and I owe you so much for allowing me to be the creative person that I am today.

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