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Marie and Hopeton | St. Peter and Paul Banquet Scarborough Wedding Photos | Sneak Peak

I just love all the emotions that weddings bring. I’ve been fully immersed in them lately! I’m right in the middle of a double header wedding weekend! 2 weddings and 1 shoot in 3 days! Oh and did I almost forgot to mention, in two cities! Especially this special one with Marie and Hopeton. These two were all smiles and so in love! The couldn’t stop giggling and laughing the whole day. I loved how many members of the bridal party were family and it was truly a celebration of a union that was meant to be. Enjoy this sneak peek from Marie and Hopeton’s St. Peter and Paul Banquet Wedding Photos, which is right in the neighborhood where I grew up – Scarborough! peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0173peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0164peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0162peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0159peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0167peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0169peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0177peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0160peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0180peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0181peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0176peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0178peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0179peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0185peter-and-paul-hall-scarborough-wedding-photos-_0163

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