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Darlene and Charles | National Gallery of Canada

I’m so excited to share engagement photos with Darlene and Charles in Ottawa. I shot their photos back in April when spring was just about to start. It’s amazing how time has flown by. We met up at the National Gallery of Canada and did some exploring around the place. We created some images that really capture their fun-loving nature. Luckily they are two of the most laid back and fun loving people so creating these memories felt so natural. These two are so in love. You can totally tell by the way they make eachother laugh and smile. I didn’t have to say or do much to get them completely in their element. This is love y’all! I can’t wait to share their wedding photos with lots more gorgeous moments of their first day as husband and wife. Coming really soon!
national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0267national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0268national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0269 national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0271national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0270 national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0278national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0284national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0273 national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0283national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0272national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0277national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0275national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0281national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0282national-gallery-of-canada-wedding-photographer_0280

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