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Pierrette and Nigel | Engaged

My couples are the best. No seriously! How do I find such genuine and kind people to work with time and time again. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it’s just too good to be true. I met Pierrette while I was shooting a wedding in Jamaica a few years ago, now it’s her turn!!! She’s getting married to Nigel in 2 days! This one is going to be beautiful just because they are. I can’t wait to capture their winery wedding, but in the meantime, enjoy their super cute engagement session. We shot it at two awesome spots in Toronto and they brought all their cuteness which made the shoot a complete success. I loved playing with the sunlight and shade to make their love story just a little more edgy. I’m so excited for this weekend, it will be one amazing celebration.

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Watch the slideshow from their sweet shoot by clicking here!

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