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Susan and O’neil | Carmen’s Wedding Photos

Susan and Oneil’s wedding was one for the books! They had an amazing wedding and made sure to enjoy each moment with the ones they loved. Their friends and family were completely supportive and made sure they had a great day. Every detail was carefully chosen to reflect their glam style. The sun was shining but the temperature was quite chilly and it was windy with some light rain. The weather did not take away from their special day. One aspect that made their day unique was the way they incorporated the loved ones that are no longer with them. Especially Susan’s dad, there were photos of him that showed just how much he was missed on their special day. Most of all Susan and Oneil danced the night away and had a beautiful night celebrating their first day as husband and wife!carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1245carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1249carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1250carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1251carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1253carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1242carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1244carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1256carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1241carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1247carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1257carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1260carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1263carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1264carmens-banquet-centre-wedding-photos_1258

Venue: Carmen’s | Event Design: Your Main Event

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