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5 Tips for Gorgeous Getting Ready Photos for Brides

It’s always a joy to capture some getting ready photos with the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony. As a photographer, I really enjoy these moments that help to tell the story of the wedding day. Today’s blog post is going to help with that first part of your wedding day which will ensure you get all the important moments captured to perfection.

ottawa-wedding photos-013storys-building-wedding-photos_1193Reasons why getting ready photos are a must

Getting ready is often a part of the day where several special moments take place. You may be exchanging gifts with your soon-to-be spouse or you may have a teary moment with a parent as they see you in your dress for the first time. You are going to be surrounded by your best friends and loved ones as you prepare for the ceremony. All of these small moments and the details will be captured my your photographer at this time. If you’re unsure of what to expect keep reading.


Keep in mind that it’s important to consider that your wedding album will tell a more complete story of your day from start to finish, if you’re able to show the moments before getting dressed right up until the reception. Trust me, it’s worth it!

How much time you need for getting ready photos

I suggest at least 1-2 hours to capture the getting ready portion of the wedding day. Some things to consider are how far the ceremony location is from the getting ready location to allow enough time to travel and set up for the ceremony. Also, if you plan on seeing each other for a first look before the ceremony, it’s definitely best to start the getting ready portion early. It’s best to schedule the photographer’s start time around the time when the bride’s makeup is being touched up and when you’re about to get into the gown. It’s also ideal to have all the bridesmaids dressed so that they can help with the gown.

bride-getting-ready-tips_1753bride-getting-ready-tips_1747ottawa-wedding-photography-african-015How to prepare for photos

When I arrive, I prefer keeping the bride as calm as possible by getting to work right away. I try to avoid interfering too much during the getting ready portion of the day. In order to help, it’s best to have the important details ready to be photographed in an corner. Find someone to help with organizing these special items such as the dress, jewelry, invitations, shoes, flowers, perfume, veil, bridal party gifts, garter, or other items of importance.


Getting ready location ideas

Your home, a hotel suite, a bridal suite at a venue, or  even an Air B-and-B are some great location ideas. Some things to consider are the location to cut down travel time to the ceremony venue. Also, where allows for the most space for your bridal party and family.will really depend on how many people will be in the room while getting ready. If you choose a hotel room, get an extra one that will give you the space to put your dress on in a clean and open space.

the-burroughes-building-wedding-photos_0960bride-getting-ready-tips_1752What to Wear while getting ready

Bridesmaids wearing matching robes is really adorable to capture. But if you choose not to wear matching robes, then at least wear something you don’t mind being photographed in like some cute PJ’s or a button-up blouse is a good to allow ease of access to get your dress on without messing up your makeup or hair.

bride-getting-ready-tips_1749bride-getting-ready-tips_1750bride-getting-ready-tips_1748A few more quick tips…

  • Keep your getting ready space clean

  • Plan for your photographer to arrive 1-2 hours ahead of the ceremony. Near the end of your makeup application

  • Designate a few key people to help with ensuring the main items that need to photographed are easily available.

  • If possible, choose a location with lots of natural light

  • Wear something comfortable and cute!

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