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Great Gifts for Photographers — All under $200

Here are some gift ideas for the photography enthusiast in your life! The best part is they are under $200! These items are affordable in comparison to most camera gear and could work for beginner photographers to advanced ones too. Watch the video below and check out the comments as well for more details on some of these photographer essentials.

1 // 128GB Compact Flash Memory card // Every photographer needs memory cards! The more memory the better. With CF cards, or any memory card for that matter, there are two important things to consider, size and speed. I prefer the 32Gb, 64GB, and the 128GB CF cards. SD memory cards are another great option for the photographer in your life. Best to find out what camera model they use to determine which card works best.

2 // Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries // These batteries are eco-friendly and are sold pre-charged and ready for immediate use. They lose power slower than other models of rechargeable batteries so they work great with external flashes and other equipment. I use these and they’ve been some of the best batteries for all my gear.

3 // Black Rapid camera strap // I use this strap and have found it to be very useful during my shoots, whether I’m using one or two cameras. The straps are comfortable on my shoulders and are adjustable to fit photographers of all sizes and heights.

4 // Selfie Stick // The selfie stick has a bad rep, but it’s still a useful tool especially when the photographer you know wants to capture their surroundings during travels. I’m still a fan when the time is right.

5 // External Hard Drive // This goes to my first point. I take this external drive with me almost everywhere I go. It’s rugged and can handle a bit more movement than other drives without any problems. It’s a great thing to have to back up all the photos I take.

Happy gift giving!

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