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Free Posing Guide for Photographers

I met with a potential client last night and she told me… “I love candid photos, but I need direction.” I totally get it. As her photographer, she wants to know that she can depend on me to help create candid moments between her and her boo, but she NEEDS my help!

So instead of standing there with our cameras waiting for the perfect moments to just magically happen, we need to communicate and give our couples some direction for them to relax and trust that we can make them look great! That’s why I’ve come up with some “go-to” poses in this free posing guide!

Truth is, this posing guide is only one piece of the puzzle to beautiful and carefree images because you’ve got to be ready to capture the in-between moments. You know, the giggles, glances, and touches that these poses will help you create! Use the guide to help you set up the shot.

I’ve got my FREE posing guide JUST FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS! It’s got 21 of my favorite poses for couples which I use at engagement sessions and weddings.

If you ever feel stuck, save this guide to your mobile device and use it to inspire you to get creative at your next photo shoot.

Don’t worry, it’s not copying it’s just inspiration. You can always put your own spin on it! Use these pose suggestions and instructions to help get your creative juices flowing. You won’t regret it!!!

Photographers: Click here to download your free posing guide!

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