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Andrea and Jeremy | A beautiful proposal story

Happy Friday! Jeremy and Andrea are getting married today! And it’s my first wedding of the season. I’m just so excited to be apart of their day where they begin as husband and wife. This is going to be one special event between two people who seem to completely balance each other out. Before falling in love Andrea and Jeremy worked together and became friends for 3 years. The proposal story is just the sweetest story that I learned when I met with them. Jeremy had a little help from their youngest daughter who planned it with him. Andrea went up north to see her mother that weekend. Back in Toronto, Jeremy and their daughter went ring shopping. Trying to find the perfect ring isn’t easy, so they ended up choosing two!

On the special day of the actual proposal, it just so happened to be Andrea’s birthday.

Jeremy wanted to surprise her, so he bought her some clothes and accessories and laid them out on the bed. This is the part that made me smile… Jeremy also sent anonymous flowers to Andrea’s work place to make it extra special.

By the time, she got home from work he told her to get ready to go out for dinner. When she got out of the shower Jeremy was on one knee outside of the bathroom door. Jeremy didn’t whip out the ring just yet, he told her he couldn’t afford a ring at this time and handed her a mesh bag with a tinfoil ring inside.

Jeremy said his true intention and that one day he would invest in a ring for her. Andrea accepted his proposal and off they went for dinner at Red Lobster, Andrea’s favorite place!
When they got home that night that’s when Jeremy gave Andrea the real ring hidden in his pocket.

Andrea was genuinely impressed but the most beautiful thing about Andrea is that she loved the tinfoil ring and that it did not matter that it was made of foil, it was the thought that counts. Absolutely adorable right!? I can’t wait to share in their special memories today with their children, friends, and family.

What are you both looking forward to the most about getting married?

“Spending the rest of our lives with each other, seeing the kids grow, keeping the traditions we were brought up with and sharing them with our kids. Working together as a team and always looking to achieve what life offers us and staying together through the good and bad times.”

It was so much fun to take Jeremy & Andrea around Port Credit and the Distillery District for their photo shoot. It’s hard to tell, but it was actually quite cold on the day we took these photos. The wind was intense and my fingers were froze, but they never stopped embracing, smiling, and laughing with each other! Jeremy & Andrea made it so easy for me to take their photos, they are a lovely couple and today we will celebrate their union as husband and wife. I hope you’ve enjoyed a few of my favorite shots from the shoot!

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