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My First Podcast Interview

Happy Friday! I’m literally in love with podcasts. It’s been a favorite past time of mine to listen to them while at the gym, editing photos, and especially while I’m in traffic. So when Jodianne asked me to be on her awesome podcast, The ‘E’ Project, I just couldn’t say no. The “E” Project, is a podcast that encourages people to take action by telling the stories of entrepreneurs in various creative industries. I sat down to chat with Jodianne, but she’s so talented, she also photographed me, and took some amazing video footage of me too!

Listen to my podcast interview

Together we discussed, so many different aspects of my entrepreneurial journey. I focused on my joy for traveling, how to determine pricing, the importance of mentoring, and my goal to make the wedding industry more inclusive and diverse. Click the SoundCloud player below to listen to the whole thing! I’d love to hear your feedback. Special thanks to Jodianne, it’s truly amazing to be a guest on your show.

Photos of me by The E Project founder Jodianne Beckford

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