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My First Trip to Paris

I visited Paris last week to shoot with my lovely wedding clients on their honeymoon. It was a dream come true. Paris is such a beautiful and a very interesting city to visit. Every corner had something beautiful to see. I was able to take some photos that I love and I’m so excited to share them in my new print shop!

My New Print Shop

I’m so lucky to visit a lot of special places and I thought it would be so fun to share some of the photos I’ve taken while traveling. By opening up a print shop I feel like I have the opportunity to share the prettiest things I’ve seen with you! Also, the prints make great Christmas presents!!!

While I was is Paris I also filmed a vlog. (A vlog is a video that gives a very real look at the behind the scenes action that takes place in day to day life.) Since I visited Paris for the first time I really wanted to capture as much of it as possible. This was my first time and I’m so excited to share my first photography experience in Europe. While in Paris, we did some sightseeing, had a few mishaps, and I made a new friend!!! You can watch all the fun here.


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